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ESG report for 2023 released


We are proud to inform you that our first-ever sustainability report since we became Fennoaqua has been released. In the report, we disclose our achievements and commitments towards environmental and social sustainability.

Our ESG report and the ongoing calculation of our carbon footprint are crucial for guiding our future growth. At the core of our operations lies a commitment to resource efficiency, minimising our operational footprint, and upholding overall accountability for our actions.

The report is divided into three focus themes and two supporting themes.

Our first focus theme is Circularity and environmental stewardship at the heart of operations. It encompasses our target to put circular economy at the center of our sustainability agenda.

As an example, an essential factor in our aim to lower the impact on marine ecosystems is our Baltic Blend® trademark. It is a hallmark of environmental stewardship, signifying that our feed is composed of purified fish meal and oil derived from fish from the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Blend approach recirculates nutrients and actively contributes to the dephosphorisation of the Baltic Sea. It also fosters sustainable fishing practices and helps to valorise the underutilised herring and sprat populations.

The fish meal and fish oil of our Baltic Blend feeds are sourced predominantly from fisheries within the Baltic Sea that have been recognised for their sustainability and have the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.

Our second focus theme is Products and services with a positive impact. It offers information about how our products and services help our customers on their journey towards sustainable fish farming.

Our products meet all EU legal and safety standards, and our internal control system comprises more detailed sampling routines than legislation requires. Our raw materials are monitored according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ensuring that our products’ environmental impact is small. Our whole production is GLOBALG.A.P. certified.

To further increase the positive impact of our products, we have developed a pioneering digital solution called Growth Sonar that helps fish farmers optimise the use of our feeds and their feeding automates.

Our third focus theme is Socially sustainable business through the value chain. It addresses social responsibility from both internal and external perspectives.

According to our personnel vision, we want to be the best and most sought-after workplace. We also require that our raw material suppliers, packaging material suppliers and logistics providers sign a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC).

We aim for socio-economic benefits for our suppliers and clients and health benefits for the end-users.

Our supporting themes are Safe and efficient manufacturing that deals with the sustainability of our factory and Innovative business development and partnerships that reveal our approach to innovation, potential collaborative ventures, and prospects for forthcoming advancements.

You can read our sustainability report here: Fennoaqua ESG report