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Growth Sonar makes your routines easier

Alltech Fennoaqua brings digital technology and tools to support fish farming. We want to develop the operations of fish farms in a sustainable way, promote the competitiveness of our customers and make their daily routines easier. For this purpose, we have developed Growth Sonar, an easy-to-use smartphone application for the planning and control of fish feeding and monitoring of farming results.


Two separate applications

Growth Sonar includes two separate applications that complement each other. One is a comprehensive computer application and the other is a convenient mobile application that you can take with you wherever you go.

Growth Sonar is easy to set up. The information on the farm and its fish stock are set up in the computer application. Once set up, the information is always with you in the mobile application. This way, you can check the data on the biomass and water temperature of the pool on your phone whenever necessary. The mobile application provides a daily feeding recommendation in line with Fennoaqu’s feeding tables. You can try our feeding calculator for free by downloading the Growth Sonar application from your app store.

All information on the feeding and fish growth is stored in the computer application. At the end of the farming season, you can also enter the gutting results in the application. This provides you with data on feed use and growth results, as well as an estimate of the yield of the farming activities.

To the Growth Sonar computer application


Towards a resource planning system

Growth Sonar is constantly being developed together with fish farmers. Even now, several new features are under development, and the system is well on its way to becoming a comprehensive resource planning system.

Want to know more about Growth Sonar?

If this sounds interesting, ask your Fennoaqua contact person for more information about Growth Sonar.

A good tool with unlimited development potential

Growth Sonar was easier to use than I expected. Pools are quick and easy to set up and simple to use. With the diagrams in the app, we were able to see our feed rations in relation to the recommended ration.

“At this stage, our analysis of the diagrams generated more questions than answers about what kind of a feeding model would be right for our farm: should the fish be fed more than recommended at some points, or would steady feeding be the best option? We are looking for answers to these questions through further use of the app. I think that further development of the application makes sense. It is already an excellent tool, but its potential for development is unlimited. It has been great to have our own ideas on the needs for development taken into account in the development of Growth Sonar.”

– Kari Vääräniemi, Fish Farming Vääräniemi

If you cannot see the video, you can also watch it by clicking here.

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