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Good delivery reliability and top quality are the sum of many factors


Alltech Fennoaqua’s production department ensures that customers receive high-quality products and always on time. Skilled personnel, modern machinery and equipment, and efficient internal processes are the building blocks of delivery reliability and quality. In addition, close cooperation between production, sales, product development, and procurement is vital.

Kaksi miestä seisoo varastossa ja katsoo yhteistä paperia, taustalla kuormalavoilla suuria valkoisia kalanrehusäkkejä

Petri Elonen, Mikko Koskelainen, Janne Leppänen and the entire production staff are responsible for the delivery reliability and quality of Fennoaqua’s products. Product development defines the quality criteria and the necessary quality monitoring activities. The production department continuously monitors quality and measures compliance with the set targets.

Top quality through significant investments

Between 2016 and 2023, Fennoaqua has invested around 8 million euros in the Raisio plant.

“Quality has been one of the focus areas of our major investments, and we can now say that we have achieved our goal: our quality has improved significantly”, says Plant Manager Petri Elonen.

In addition to investments, experienced personnel, maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment, and raw material buffer management play a significant role in ensuring quality and delivery reliability.

“We make sure that we have enough skilled staff and that the machinery and equipment are in good working order”, says Mikko Koskelainen, Operations Manager for the maintenance and raw materials departments.

The plant’s deodorisation system was replaced last year. Currently, investments in using new liquid raw materials and replacing the warehouse roof are in the pipeline. Work is also underway to replace the dryer on the other production line.

“We believe that supply volumes will increase in the coming years, and we want to ensure this through investments”, says Elonen.

Good planning, efficient processes and close cooperation

Operational reliability is based on a continuous dialogue between the different functions. Production planning needs the necessary sales forecasts and orders in time to ensure that manufacturing can be carried out optimally in terms of quality and efficiency.

Operations Manager Janne Leppänen constantly monitors and reacts to orders and stock levels. Since production planning is based on sales forecasts, it adapts several times daily.

“I oversee operational reliability by working closely with sales, product development, and procurement. We have a weekly meeting to discuss possible challenges for the coming week. I keep the right products in stock at the right time and need the right sales forecasts. This enables us to anticipate the raw materials we need and our customers’ needs, ” says Leppänen.

Petri Elonen has overall responsibility for the plant’s operations

Mies istuu pöydän takana Alltech Fennoaquan hupparissa ja katsoo pöydän toisella puolella istuvaa, jota ei näy kuvassa

Petri Elonen is the Plant Manager at Fennoaqua and is responsible for the plant’s operations.

“Thanks to the effective management and skilled staff, day-to-day operations are very much the responsibility of the Operations Managers and plant personnel. I can focus on further development and longer-term projects and investments.”

A typical working day for Elonen involves monitoring the plant’s actual figures, ensuring workplace safety, liaising with suppliers, and developing activities related to other functions such as product development and sales.

“I’m also responsible for ensuring that our operations align with standards and legal requirements.”

Elonen has been with Fennoaqua since 2018. Before that, he spent 21 years in various product development roles at Nokia and Microsoft.

Mikko Koskelainen is responsible for maintenance and raw materials

Mies seisoo ja pitää käsissään muovipussia, jota täyttyy putkesta tulevalla kalanrehulla

Mikko Koskelainen is the Operations Manager of Fennoaqua’s maintenance and raw materials departments. His typical working day is divided between two areas of responsibility.

“On the maintenance side, my work involves planning and scheduling work and, for example, developing ideas for new investments and development projects. In the raw materials department, I monitor and control the use of raw materials. I’m also responsible for normal managerial tasks such as payroll.”

Koskelainen has a long history with fish feed at Fennoaqua. The company first welcomed him straight from school in 2000, when he worked as a packer for the summer.

“Now, I’ve been here continuously since 2005. I’ve reached my current position through several roles: I started as an operator and then progressed to production and warehouse supervisor. I worked as a Plant Manager for a while, and now I’m the Operations Manager for the maintenance and raw materials departments.

Janne Leppänen is responsible for the smooth running of production

Mies istuu pöydän takana ja katsoo yläviistoon

Operations Manager Janne Leppänen acts as the line manager for the production operators, i.e. the fish feed manufacturers and packers. He is also responsible for day-to-day product quality control, production planning, operational reliability, final product stock, nozzle plate design, 3D modelling and spare parts procurement.

“My working day starts with a morning meeting with the production team to see how production has gone the previous day and what the next day will look like. We review any production stoppages and manufacturing challenges from the previous day, the product backlog, and future production stoppages.”

Leppänen works closely with sales daily to plan production. His days also include dealing with employee matters and various purchases and procurements.

“My job is to enable the daily production to run smoothly so we can work without any challenges or sense of urgency.”

Leppänen started working in Raisio in 1997 and as a process operator at the feed plant in 1999.

“I worked as a process operator for 16 years, then studied energy and environmental engineering alongside work. Since 2017, I’ve worked as a supervisor for a couple of years and now as an Operations Manager.”

Alltech partnership brings new expertise

Being part of the Alltech group has also changed the work on the production side. According to Koskelainen, the new ERP system was the most significant change. Elonen cites the more international nature of the work and the knowledgeable new colleagues with whom he can exchange views and experiences.

“For my part, the Alltech cooperation has increased international cooperation and communication in English, as well as introduced new colleagues and ways of working in the Coppens community. Getting to know each other’s factories more openly has been excellent. I like to learn new things and always develop myself, so this has been a great way to increase my expertise in fish feed production”, Leppänen sums up.